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This function gets the end position of a searchlight element.


float float float getSearchLightEndPosition ( searchlight theSearchLight )

OOP Syntax Help! I don't understand this!

Method: searchLight:getEndPosition(...)
Variable: .endPosition
Counterpart: setSearchLightEndPosition

Required Arguments

  • theSearchLight: the searchlight to get the position where the searchlight's light cone ends.


If the specified searchlight element is valid, this function will return three float, which are the three coordinates of searchlight's end position. If not, it will return false plus an error message.


local helmetLantern

local function updateHelmetLantern()
    local helmetPos, playerMatrix = Vector3(getPedBonePosition(localPlayer, 6)), getElementMatrix(localPlayer)
    local targetPos = Vector3(playerMatrix[4][1] + playerMatrix[2][1] * 3, playerMatrix[4][2] + playerMatrix[2][2] * 3, playerMatrix[4][3] + playerMatrix[2][3] * 3)
    -- If the searchlight we use for the effect doesn't exist, create it
    -- If it is already created, then simply update its start and end positions
    if not helmetLantern then
        helmetLantern = createSearchLight(helmetPos, targetPos, 0, 15)
		local a , b = getSearchLightEndPosition(helmetLantern)
		outputChatBox(a .." "..b)
        setSearchLightStartPosition(helmetLantern, helmetPos)
        setSearchLightEndPosition(helmetLantern, targetPos)

local function manageHelmetLantern()
    local helmetLanternOff = not helmetLantern
    playSoundFrontEnd(helmetLanternOff and 37 or 38)
    if helmetLanternOff then
        -- Let updateHelmetLantern take care of creating and updating the effect
        addEventHandler("onClientPreRender", root, updateHelmetLantern)
        -- Stop updateHelmetLantern doing its job and clear variables
        removeEventHandler("onClientPreRender", root, updateHelmetLantern)
        helmetLantern = nil

-- Allow the player to turn the helmet lantern or on off by using /togglelantern or pressing O
addCommandHandler("togglelantern", manageHelmetLantern)
bindKey("o", "down", manageHelmetLantern)

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