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Gets the world position of a vertex (i.e. corner) of a water area. Each water area is either a triangle or quad (rectangle) so each has 3 or 4 corners.


int int float getWaterVertexPosition ( water theWater, int vertexIndex )

OOP Syntax Help! I don't understand this!

Method: water:getVertexPosition(...)
Counterpart: setWaterVertexPosition

Required Arguments

  • theWater: the water element to get the vertex of
  • vertexIndex: the index of the vertex whose position to get. Values range from 1 to 4 for a water quad, or 1 to 3 for a triangle.


Returns the x, y and z coordinates of the specified vertex if successful, false otherwise.


function water()
	local water = createWater(1866, -1444, 10, 1968, -1442, 10, 1866, -1372, 10, 1968, -1370, 10); -- create water element
	local x, y, z = getWaterVertexPosition(water, 1); -- get first vertex position of our water element
	outputChatBox("Water first vertex position X: "..x.." Y: "..y.." Z: "..z);

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