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Dialog-warning.png Function has been disabled.

Reason/Note: It has never existed.

Returns the mass of a handling element or vehicle ID.


float handlingGetMass ( handling theHandling )
float handlingGetMass ( int vehicleID )

Required Arguments

  • theHandling: the handling of which you want to get the mass, or
  • vehicleID: the vehicle ID of which you want to get the mass.


If you specified a handling element, returns its mass if one is set, or nil otherwise. If you specified a vehicle ID, returns the mass that currently applies to vehicles of that ID. Returns false in case of failure.


function getMass ( player, command )
local vehicle = getPedOccupiedVehicle(player)
    if vehicle then
      str = handlingGetMass(getElementModel(vehicle))
      outputChatBox("Your vehicle's handling mass is "..str,player,0,255,255)
addCommandHandler ( "getmass", getMass )

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