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Turns ABS on or off for a handling element.


bool handlingSetABS ( handling theHandling, bool ABS )

Required Arguments

  • theHandling: the handling of which you want to toggle the ABS.
  • ABS: true to turn ABS on, false to turn it off.


Returns true on success, false in case of failure.


function turnABS(thePlayer)
	local theVehicle = getPedOccupiedVehicle(thePlayer) -- Get thePlayer vehicle
	if not theVehicle then return end -- if the player is not in the vehicle then cancel
		local ABS = getVehicleHandlingProperty(theVehicle,"ABS") -- We will use the additional function that you will find under this one. That will be more convenient.
		if ABS == true then -- Check, if ABS is turn on then turn its off.
			outputChatBox("You turn off ABS",thePlayer)
		else -- ABS is off. Turn on this.
	outputChatBox("You turn on ABS",thePlayer)
	function getVehicleHandlingProperty ( element, property )
    if isElement ( element ) and getElementType ( element ) == "vehicle" and type ( property ) == "string" then -- Make sure there's a valid vehicle and a property string
        local handlingTable = getVehicleHandling ( element ) -- Get the handling as table and save as handlingTable
        local value = handlingTable[property] -- Get the value from the table
        if value then -- If there's a value (valid property) 
			return value -- Return it
    return false -- Not an element, not a vehicle or no valid property string. Return failure

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