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Questa funzione restituisce la forza del proiettile specificato.


float getProjectileForce ( projectile theProjectile )

Required Arguments

  • theProjectile: L'elemento proiettile la quale forza si vuole recuperare.

Valori restituiti

Restituisce un float in caso di successo, altrimenti restituisce false.


Example 1: This example would outputs the force of the projectile on 1-100 scale. This function just works with projectiles which you throw so just grenades, satchel charge etc

addEventHandler("onClientProjectileCreation", getRootElement(),
--The source of this event is the projectile that was created.
function ()
    local getForce = getProjectileForce(source)
    outputChatBox(getForce*100) -- outputs the force of the projectile on 1-100 scale

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