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This function can be used to find out if a key has already been bound. If you do not specify a keyState or handler, any instances of key being bound will cause isKeyBound to return true.


bool isKeyBound ( player thePlayer, string key, [ string keyState, function handler ] ) 

Required Arguments

  • thePlayer: The player you're checking.
  • key: The key you're checking. See Key names for a list of valid key names.

Optional Arguments

  • keyState: Is the state of the key when it calls the function, Can be either:
    • "up": when the key is released
    • "down": when the key is pressed
  • handler: The function you're checking against


Returns true if the key is bound, false otherwise.


-- This function tells everyone in the server if someone has numpad 9 bound!
function onPlayerJoin ()
  if (isKeyBound (source,"num_9")) then -- if num pad 9 is bound
    outputChatBox (getPlayerName (source) .. " has bound numpad 9!",getRootElement(),255,0,0,false) -- let see everybody that he has binded it
addEventHandler ("onPlayerJoin",getRootElement(),onPlayerJoin) -- add event.

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