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Package-x-generic.png This function is provided by the external module MTA-MySQL. You must install this module to use this function.

Executes a query in the server and retreives the result.

IMPORTANT: It is strongly recommended to call mysql_free_result after a query,
specially if it returns some data. Query results can be automatically deleted
by the lua garbage collector, so if you forget to free a result it will be
freed at some time in the future, but it doesn't know the real result data size
in memory so it can delay the memory destroying more than it should.


MySQLResult mysql_query ( MySQLConnection handler, string query )

Required arguments

  • handler: A valid MySQL link
  • query: The executing query


In case of error this function returns nil. IF not, a MySQLResult handler. Check the MySQL result managing functions to see how to retreive the data from it.


Example 1:

local result = mysql_query(handler, "SELECT * FROM some_table")
if (not result) then
  outputDebugString("Error executing the query: (" .. mysql_errno(handler) .. ") " .. mysql_error(handler))
  mysql_free_result(result) -- Freeing the result is IMPORTANT

See also

Result managing functions

MySQL handler functions