Physics debug mode

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Physics debug modes

used in

Name Parametrs Description
nodebug bool If set to true, disable all debug modes
drawwireframe bool enables/disables wireframe rendering
drawaabb bool shows bounding boxes of rigid bodies and static collisions
drawfeaturestext bool todo, not implemented yet
drawcontactpoints bool draws little yellow lines in points of contact
nodeactivation bool cause all rigid bodies are all time activated
nohelptext bool todo, not implemented yet
drawtext bool todo, not implemented yet
profiletimings bool todo, not implemented yet
enablesatcomparison bool todo
disablebulletlcp bool todo
enableccd bool todo
drawconstraints bool todo
drawconstraintlimits bool todo
fastwireframe bool todo
drawnormals bool draws normals
drawframes bool todo
linewidth float changes width of debugging line