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This function sets the skin that players will spawn with when they spawn at the specified spawnpoint.


bool setSpawnpointSkin ( spawnpoint theSpawnpoint, int skin )

Required Arguments

  • theSpawnpoint: The spawnpoint you want to change skin of.
  • skin: An int corresponding to the ID of the desired skin. See Character Skins.


Returns true if the skin was successfully set, false if invalid arguments were passed.


This code alters all existing spawnpoints so everyone spawns as construction workers.

-- get a table of all spawnpoints
local allSpawnpoints = getElementsByType("spawnpoint")
-- for each spawnpoint,
for index, spawn in ipairs (allSpawnpoints) do
    -- change the spawn skin to 27
    call(getResourceFromName("spawnmanager"), "setSpawnpointSkin", spawn, 27 )