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Sets a state of a specified player's control, as if they pressed or released it.


bool setControlState ( player thePlayer, string control, bool state ) 

Required Arguments

  • thePlayer: The player you wish to set the control state of.
  • control: The control that you want to set the state of. See control names for a list of possible controls.
  • state: A boolean value representing whether or not the key will be set to pressed or not.


Returns true if the control state was successfully set, false otherwise.


This example will disable the use of the accelerate, brake/reverse and handbrake keys, then force the accelerate on for any player who enters a vehicle.

function onPlayerEnterVehicle ( theVehicle, seat, jacked )
    toggleControl ( source, "accelerate", false ) -- disable the accelerate key
    toggleControl ( source, "brake_reverse", false ) -- disable the brake_reverse key
    toggleControl ( source, "handbrake", false ) -- disable the handbrake key
    setControlState ( source, "accelerate", true ) -- force the accelerate key on
addEventHandler ( "onPlayerVehicleEnter", root, onPlayerEnterVehicle )


Version Description
1.5.5-3.11427 Deprecated client-side. Use setPedControlState and getPedControlState client-side.

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