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This function sets a string containing a name for the game type. This should be the game-mode that is active, for example "Capture The Flag" or "Deathmatch". This is then displayed in the server browser and external server browsers.

It should be noted that mapmanager handles this automatically for gamemodes that utilise the map/gamemode system.


bool setGameType ( string gameType )
Gamemode column that shows a server's game type.

Required Arguments

  • gameType: A string containing a name for the game mode, or false to clear it.


Returns true if the game type was set, false if an invalid argument was passed to the function.


This example sets the game type to Capture The Flag.

setGameType ( "Capture The Flag" )

Example 2

This example adds a command to change the game type.

function setNewGameType( source, commandName, newGameType )
    local oldGameType = getGameType() -- check old Game Type
    setGameType( newGameType ) -- set new Game Type
    outputChatBox( "Game Type " .. oldGameType .. " changed to " .. newGameType .. ".", getRootElement(), 255, 128, 0 )
addCommandHandler( "setgametype", setNewGameType )

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