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This is a resource designed spawn the undead wherever a player roams outside. It works without any configuration or scripting skills needed, but there are a few option for gamemode designers to use.


Skins: There have been many contributed skins that change peds to look like the rotting/gory undead

Semi-intelligence: Zombies are fairly mindless by nature, but they do have basic motor skills like being able to jump over objects, climb ledges, walk around corners, and break through barriers

Behaviour: Zombies endlessly attack any player or ped that isn't one of them, then feast briefly on the remains before wandering off in search of more flesh

Streaming: By default, anywhere a player goes outside will have a fairly dense population of zombies. this is done by deleting zombies that far away and spawning new ones within a close radius of the players.

Gamemode/Script integration: This script provides several functions and events to allow other resources to see and control the zombies

Helmet Zombies: zombie + helmet = big trouble! no headshots against these flesheaters.

Choose your apocalypse: server option allows you to choose between allowing zombies to spawn anywhere, only at certain spawnpoints, or only when a script tells it to

EDF: lets map designers pick where zombies spawn when that method of creating zombies is chose

Server Options

There are 2 server options to customize the script's effect.


Allows the server to set the maximum allowable zombie population. Map resources can reduce this limit, but never exceed it.


Tells the script how to create zombies. set this option to 1 to allow random spawning anywhere in San Andreas. Set to 2 to only allow zombies to spawn where zombie spawnpoints have been placed. Set to 0 to spawn no zombies automatically, but allow scripts to spawn zombies using the expoted function.

Server Events


This triggers when a Zombie is streamed in automatically. It is a cancellable event, so scripts and gamemode can prevent zombies from spawning in certain areas.


float x, float y, float z
  • x: The X coord of the spawn location
  • y: The Y coord of the spawn location
  • z: The Z coord of the spawn location


The source of this event is the Zombie that is spawning


This triggers when a zombie is killed. Parameters

element attacker, float weapon, float bodypart
  • attacker: The Element that killed the zombie
  • weapon: The weapon id used to kill the zombie
  • bodypart: The bodypart id that was hit to kill the zombie


The source of this event is the zombie that died

Server Functions

All of these funtions will have to be used through the call function, otherwise they won't work


This function spawns a zombie ingame, will return the zombie element, or false if there was a problem.


element createZombie( float x, float y, float z, [int rotation = 0, int skinID = 0, int interior = 0, int dimension = 0 ] )

Required Arguments

  • x: The x co-ordinate to spawn the zombie
  • y: The y co-ordinate to spawn the zombie
  • z: The z co-ordinate to spawn the zombie

Optional Arguments

  • rotation: Rotation of the zombie on spawn
  • skinID: skin on spawn
  • interior: Interior the zombie will spawn into
  • dimension: The ID of the dimension that the zombie should be in


returns true if the ped is a zombie, false otherwise


bool isPedZombie( element thePed)

Required Arguments

  • thePed: The ped you want to check if its a zombie


  • Slothman: Creator/scripter/skin artist
  • Various artists: see the client script to view zombie skin creators.
  • Thanks to Everyone else who made suggestions, tested the script, helped when i was stuck, etc


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