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Instructions for generating a process log for MTA:SA Client

1. Download Process Monitor from here:

Client pm 1.jpg

2. Unzip

3. Download and put it into the Process Monitor directory

Client pm 2.jpg

4. Start Procmon.exe (if it starts with a window called 'Process Monitor Filter', press OK to close it).

Then select the menu item 'File->Import Configuration'

(If you can't select 'Import Configuration', try running Procmon.exe as administrator)

Client pm 3.jpg

5. Select the 'ProcmonMTAConfiguration.pmc' file and press 'Open'

6. Now start MTA and get to the problem

7. After problem has occurred, go back to the Process Monitor window and select the menu item 'File->Save...'

Client pm 4.jpg

8. Press the 'Ok' button in the next window

9. Find the file 'Logfile.PML' and upload at

Give the resulting file link to an MTA developer, or post it on the relevant forum topic
(If Logfile.PML is large, you can optionally .zip or .rar it before uploading)

Client pm 5.jpg