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--IJs 09:56, 9 May 2006 (CDT) - Reference has been placed. I assume nobody actually knows what AJAX is.

Besides, I think that the approach mentioned in the article (the part refering to AJAX) is way too professional and unnecessarily complex for a community driven development project (where developers from our community can participate.. a.k.a. an Open Source project). In order to make this project work, with "platforms" like AJAX, we will have to provide a base where third party people can build on + we will have to build a webserver that fits into our server, and I think that's a waste of our time. (Except of course when somebody else could develop this for us.)

We're talking about developing a complete remote administration GUI for a browser here. Stuff like GMail isn't created in one month.

Waste of time


To be honest, this is a rather large project that a minority of our community will benefit. It's a waste of time we could use to do other things like improving our script functions, sync things and get the bugs fixed so we can get this released. It's not a feature too many people will think is "very exciting" when we announce it, and we'll be wasting months on this (believe me).