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Physical properties

Property Type Description
mass float Mass of an object
air_resistance float Air resistance of an object
elasticity float Elasticity of an object
buoyancy float Buoyancy of an object
uproot_limit float How much force is needed to uproot the object
col_damage_multiplier float Force multiplier used when colliding with object
col_damage_effect DamageEffect Dictates which damage effect is applied to object on collision
special_col_response CollisionResponse Dictates how object responds to being collided with
avoid_camera bool Dictates whether camera passes throught the object
cause_explosion bool Dictates whether objects exploded upon collision
fx_type FxType Dictates when particles will be created when colliding with object
fx_offset Vector3D Offset from center of mass where particles will be created upon collision
fx_system FxEffect(string) Effect that will be used upon collision
smash_multiplier float Force multiplier when destroying object
break_velocity Vector3D Velocity and direction in which the object is destroyed
break_velocity_randomness float Randomness of velocity and direction in which the object is destroyed, 0 means that object uses break_velocity without any randomness
break_mode BreakMode Dictates how object can be damaged
sparks_on_impact bool Dictates whether object creates sparks upon impact

Damage effect

Effect Description
none Object doesn't change at all once it's damaged
change_model Some of the objects change model on collision, those use this
smash Object is smashed
change_smash First CHANGE_MODEL, afterwards smash on collision
breakable Object is breakable normally
breakable_remove object.dat says: '(ie. never regenerated after destroyed)'

Collision Response

Response Description
none Object doesn't respond in any special way
lamppost Objects acts like an lamp post
small_box -
big_box -
fence_part -
grenade -
swingdoor -
lockdoor -
hanging -
poolball -

Fx Type

Type Description
none No particles effect played on collision
play_on_hit Particles effect is played on collision, even if object isn't destroyed
play_on_destroyed Particles effect is played only once object is destroyed
play_on_hitdestroyed Particles effect is played both when hit and destroyed

Break Mode

Mode Description
not_by_gun not breakable by gun
by_gun -
smashable -

Fx Effect

effect Description
wallbust -
shootlight -
puke Puke effect
explosion_door -
explosion_crate Crate break
explosion_barrel Barrel explosion
blood_heli Heli cutting peds
tree_hit_palm -
tree_hit_fir -
water_swim Water ripples
water_splsh_sml -
water_splash_big -
water_splash -
water_hydrant -
tank_fire -
riot_smoke -
gunsmoke Gun smoke when firing
gunflash Gun flash when firing
explosion_tiny -
explosion_small -
explosion_molotov Molotov explosion
explosion_medium -
explosion_large -
explosion_fuel_car -
exhale -
camflash Camera photo flash
prt_wake Wake on water behind boats