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Coder.gif This user is an MTA developer

Belgian reverse engineer/coder/scripter. I joined MTA Quality Assurance in August 2007 doing tests and writing gamemodes, and now contribute to MTA itself since it went open source in November 2008.

Progamming languages

  • C/C++, C#, x86 assembly, Lua, Perl, Python, and the typical web stuff (php/js/html/css).

Todo list

  • Release amx, the SA-MP emulator
  • Release DeAMX Lua prototype
  • Release DeAMX 1.0
  • Modify PIX to log call stacks, making it more useful for reversing
  • Remove call/jump obfuscation from xlive.dll (personal reversing challenge)
  • Fix MTA so that 1.0 can be released
  • Eventually learn enough about Windows kernel mode to do awesome stuff
  • Eventually learn enough about DirectX to do awesome stuff
  • Finish university master thesis (pff)