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  • Break at least one of Gamesnert's resources
  • Fix Gamesnert's resource

Custom Animations Branch


  • Test Loading Animations NOTE: Loading animations which are already in SA will lock up the game when they are used or failing that cause an assertion in the sync code.
  • Unload custom animations on exit
  • Create an IFP Element to facilitate unloading.
  • Create a function to unload IFP's. CAnimManagerSA::RemoveAnimBlock seems like the best way to do this.

Fixes for a later date:

  • Support v1 Animation files. (Non Static Block Name length)
  • Use the Animation equivalent of RpClumpStreamRead in combination with the commented code in CRenderWareSA::ReadIFP to facilitate better parsing of IFP files and better crash checks (might be able to load animations into existing blocks?) - Note: Could fix the above as well.
  • Work out what the extra paramaters in the RWStream implementation of CAnimManagerSA::LoadAnimFile are used for.

Custom Weapon Stats Branch

General Documentation:

  • Everything is client side at the moment for testing, later on set will be removed client side and moved server side for sync purposes.
  • Accuracy is a float from 0-3.0 ( from my brief testing but other factors could impact it ) the lower it is the less accurate you are.
  • Damage works with minus values for a healing gun ( this won't sync > 2000 damage to the server )
  • Make sure all clients have the same values for now otherwise it could just not sync entirely.


  • Reset Stats on quit
  • Implement some limits
  • Move Set server side
  • Explore the possibility of per ped weapon stats vs per model (this largely depends on how SA handles weapons i.e. does it give all peds a shared pointer or allocate one CWeapon per ped)
  • Test all properties
  • Explore the possibility of adding flags
  • Explore the possibility and viability of adding Anim information
  • Integrate into the trunk
  • Completely change the way weapon stats work
  • - Weapon stats will be based on skill levels, each skill level will have an entirely different set of weapon info (damage, accuracy etc)
  • - There are currently 3 skill levels for skill based weapons, for non-skill based weapons there is obviously one skill level
  • - Skill levels are basically rendered entirely useless this way and it gives us 3 separate weapon info possibilities and also removes most sync issues

Additional work likely required for a merge:

  • Somehow fix #0004503 - Shooting bullets remotely while reloading. This bug has cropped up during testing of the weapon max clip ammo and is reproducible 1/2 of the time with low clip values.