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This page will contain information and documentation for MTA:SA resources that I will release.

Works by Itself

Capture the Orb

A game mode with the same basic idea as CTF, but with an emphasis on vehicles.

Free Map/fr

(command-based freeroam for testing purposes)


Detects stunts and shows a message with statistics.

Resources: fr, freemap

Managed through Exported Functions

Camera Tools

Includes various camera functions such as following an element, rotating around a point, and free flying. Also allows recording and playing back camera movements.

Street Race

Manages checkpoint races for selected players, includes a race GUI. Can run a given course, or create a random race.


Allows players to save at selected houses, just as in single players. Stores weapons, clothes, and vehicles parked in garages or designated parking areas.


Allows players to spectate others while dead, includes options to limit visibility to team.


A pager pops up on the player's screen and displays a scrolling message, just like in GTA3.

Side Jobs

Still thinking about this one..


RC Van