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About me:

  • Name » Youssef Maged.
  • Nickname » iManGaaX.
  • Region » Egypt.
  • Gender » Male.
  • Languages I Speak » English, Arabic and some of Spanish.
  • Programming Languages » Java, CSS, HTML, PHP and Lua.
  • Playing MTA:SA since » 2014.

List of my works:

  • table.flip » This function returns the table from the last value to the first value, such as reflection.
  • isLastExecuteInTimer » This function check if the execute is the last execute in the timer.
  • onPlayerZoneChange » This code implements an event that is triggered when the player enters a new area on the map.
  • getElementZoneFullName » This function allows you to retrieve the zone full name of a element.
  • onClientPlayerTimeChange » This code implements an event that is triggered when the player's real time change.
  • isPedNearbyWall » This function checks if player/ped is nearby walls like buildings or objects.
  • dxDrawEditbox » This function draws a edit box across the screen - rendered for one frame. This should be used in conjunction with onClientRender in order to display continuously.

YouTube full-color icon (2017).svg YouTube Channel: [Youssef Maged]
Discord.png Discord Username: [iManGaaX#1691 @imangaax]