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Todo list about MTA:

  • Complete and release Shooting Range (1.0)
  • Write Chess (1.0, a bit more tricky one, but should keep me busy)*
  • Write other minigames (1.0 mainly)
  • Make a Security camera system (1.0) WIP
  • Complete HQInteriors (dp2.3 and 1.0)
    • Poke Kasimir to get his maps working His maps are fail anyway
    • Map a cock shaped bunker for Willy (WIP)
  • Make lots of RvB maps
    • Update rvb_Airstrike
  • YAPR - Yet Another Property Resource (WIP)
    • Vehicle Shops
    • Real Estate
    • Shops
  • YAML - Yet Another Menu Manager :D
    • Resource manager (not resourcemanager)
    • Vehicle manager
    • Client manager
    • Ped manager
    • ACL manager
    • Messaging
    • Admin manager (If others get a good response, I'll start working on it. Don't expect another admin resource tho :D)
  • Add more items here