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Well, this was my first released resource, and still one of the simplest too. It works both server and clientside. The client retrieves the bullet-hit, and the server generates the correct ports, bound to tables based on userdata. Simple, and stable.


My biggest resource until now. Not yet released, since MTA 1.1 hasn't got the handlingfunctions yet. See the forumtopic for all the info.

Vehicle Collision Bypass

One of my favorite little resources. Still under development though. This resource allows you to use custom collisions on your vehicle, with a little tweak. It works simple: You replace some vehicle, pick a col file originally made for objects, and give that col file some objectID. Then, the object will be made invisible, and attached to your vehicle - with the custom col. Your vehicle collisions will be disabled, and further there will be damage-checks, and damage the correct bodypart. It even works with interactive vehicles, though you will need two collision files, and coordinates for the special part.

Links to come.

Fixes & Patches

Trailers in Map Editor

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