Weapon Flags

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Dialog-warning.png Warning: Some flags can cause your client and any other clients nearby to crash. For example allowing a player to crouch with a minigun will mean when they aim there is no animation, which results in a client crash.

0x000001 - can auto target to aim

0x000002 - only needs arm to aim

0x000004 - uses 1st person aim

0x000008 - can only use free aiming

Movement options

0x000010 - can move and aim at same time

0x000020 - can move and fire at same time

Basic characteristics

0x000100 - is a throwing weapon

0x000200 - heavy weapon - can't jump

0x000400 - fires every frame within loop (ie paint spray)

0x000800 - can use 2x guns at same time

These are gun anim options

0x001000 - weapon has reload anims

0x002000 - weapon has crouching anims

0x004000 - loop from end of reload to fire loop start

0x008000 - force a longer reload time!

These are area effect/shot options

0x010000 - slows down

0x020000 - random speed

0x040000 - force the anim to finish player after aim/fire rather than blending out

0x080000 - expands