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This function copies all contents of a certain node in a XML document to a new document file, so the copied node becomes the new file's root node. The new file will not be saved to file system until xmlSaveFile() is called

[[{{{image}}}|link=|]] Note: To prevent memory leaks, ensure each call to xmlCopyFile has a matching call to xmlUnloadFile


xmlnode xmlCopyFile ( xmlnode nodeToCopy, string newFilePath )

OOP Syntax Help! I don't understand this!

Method: xmlnode:copy(...)

Required Arguments

  • nodeToCopy: the xmlnode that is to be copied to a new document.
  • newFilePath: the path of the file that is to be created, in the following format: ":resourceName/path". 'resourceName' is the name of the resource the file is in, and 'path' is the path from the root directory of the resource to the file.
For example, to create a file named 'newfile.xml' with myNode as the root node in the resource 'ctf', it can be done from another resource this way: xmlCopyFile(myNode, ":ctf/newfile.xml").
If the file is to be in the current resource, only the file path is necessary, e.g. xmlCopyFile(myNode, "newfile.xml").


Returns the xmlnode of the copy if the node was successfully copied, false if invalid arguments were passed.


In this example we will load an xml file (in the example config.xml) and create a copy in a new folder with the name of copy-config.xml:

local config = xmlLoadFile("config.xml")
-- create a copy of xml structure in memory
local newFile = xmlCopyFile(config, "copy/copy-config.xml")
if newFile then
  -- write this new copy to a filesystem
-- unload config xml node from memory if it will not be used anytime soon

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