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Office-calendar.png Historical: This page is retained for historical reference.

Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas is built upon a new core codenamed "Blue" which has been in development for two years. Blue represents a major shift in the team's focus because they will be providing users with all the tools they need to create their own game modes and leaving much of the game mode creation to third parties. There will be a few "default" game modes included with the installation package though. The first release of MTA:SA includes vehicle racing only. Deathmatch is expected at a later date once the team have fully synchronised shooting and balanced the gameplay.

Feature summary

  • Optimised netcode results in reduced lag.
  • Blue loads a DLL with the game instead of injecting code into its memory process. This improves stability and means that custom SCM files do not have to be moved to the game's directory when it is started.
  • Full integration means that Blue's server list is directly integrated into GTA's GUI.
  • Fewer glitches. This is achieved by synchronizing every animation, implementing a custom pause menu so that people can't pause to escape death, and forcing the frame limiter on so that everyone's game runs at the same maximum speed.
  • Greater synchronization means that all animations, skins, weapons and vehicles are now available. This means that MTA players can finally use boats.
  • Modification support through C++ means that complex game modes can be created, unlike the rudimentary ones possible with MTA:mA at the moment.

The advanced nature of the Blue core has allowed them to place a sophisticated WYSIWYG editor into MTA:SA for adding checkpoints, spawn points and power-ups. It also allows users to place extra models into the game such as ramps, roads, trees and exploding barrels.


MTA Blue Information Page - This is Vice City-centric and slightly outdated but gives you a good grasp of what Blue will look like when it is finished.