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Over the years MTA's community has come across some new terms and words. They are most often used in IRC and on the forums but some are also featered in the game. What follows is an alphabetical list.

  • Bitchpack (verb)
Use of the lack of enter vehicle animation in MTA 0.x in order to get unlimited players into a 
  • Johnline (being a ..) (noun)
acting immature, using a lot of sexual related insults hoping to make you look cool/mature.
  • MAD_BOY (noun)
When something is refered to as old or outdated
  • Ransom
GTANet's resident bastard operator from hell
  • RIFK
A common typographical error of "rofl", has also come to be known as an acronym 
for "rolling in fucking kitchens." Though first pioneered in #mta by Jani, it is most
frequently used by BrophY and Johnline
  • Robpol86 (verb)/(noun)
-Consistent use of mushrooms in order to grow and the ability to jump incredibly high
-Also a mythical creature with a mustache of supernatural size and ability
  • YOIV
-Your Opinion Is Void (aka "pulling a Luke")
-Used to discribe a situation where an admin uses his powers to force his own opinion onto 
a person or a group of people.