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This function gets the current position of the mouse cursor. Note that for performance reasons, the world position returned is always 300 units away. If you want the exact world point (similar to onClientClick), use processLineOfSight between the camera position and the worldX/Y/Z result of this function. (See example below)


float, float, float, float, float getCursorPosition ( )


Returns 5 values: cursorX, cursorY, worldX, worldY, worldZ. The first two values are the 2D relative screen coordinates of the cursor. The 3 values that follow are the 3D world map coordinates that the cursor points at. If the cursor isn't showing, returns false as the first value.


Issue ID Description
#1166 getCursorPosition() returns false even when cursor is showing due to opened console


This example prints your cursors current world coordinates and relative screen coordinates to chatbox after typing cursorpos.

function cursorInfo()
   if isCursorShowing() then -- if the cursor is showing
      local screenx, screeny, worldx, worldy, worldz = getCursorPosition()

      outputChatBox( string.format( "Cursor screen position (relative): X=%.4f Y=%.4f", screenx, screeny ) ) -- make the accuracy of floats 4 decimals
      outputChatBox( string.format( "Cursor world position: X=%.4f Y=%.4f Z=%.4f", worldx, worldy, worldz ) ) -- make the accuracy of floats 4 decimals accurate
      outputChatBox( "Your cursor is not showing." )
addCommandHandler( "cursorpos", cursorInfo )

This (untested) example uses processLineOfSight to calculate the exact world location: Warning, using the script down there will cause high CPU usage.

addEventHandler( "onClientRender", root,
        if isCursorShowing() then
            local screenx, screeny, worldx, worldy, worldz = getCursorPosition()
            local px, py, pz = getCameraMatrix()
            local hit, x, y, z, elementHit = processLineOfSight ( px, py, pz, worldx, worldy, worldz )

            if hit then
                dxDrawText( "Cursor at " .. x .. " " .. y .. " " ..  z, 200, 200 )
                if elementHit then
                    dxDrawText( "Hit element " .. getElementType(elementHit), 200, 220 )

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