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This function is used to get the clothes type and index from the texture and model. (Scans through the list of clothes for the specific type).


int int getTypeIndexFromClothes ( string clothesTexture, string clothesModel )

Required Arguments

  • clothesTexture: A string determining the clothes texture that you wish to retrieve the type and index from. See the clothes catalog.
  • clothesModel: A string determining the corresponding clothes model that you wish to retrieve the type and index from. See the clothes catalog.


This function returns two integers, type and index respectively, false if invalid arguments were passed to the function.


This example gets the current clothes of a certain type on a player, then swaps with the previous in the clothes list.

function scriptPreviousClothes ( thePlayer, key, clothesType )
  local currentTexture, currentModel = getPedClothes ( thePlayer, clothesType ) -- get the current clothes on this slot
  local clothesIndex = 1
  if ( currentTexture ) then -- if he had clothes of that type
    local tempA, tempB = getTypeIndexFromClothes ( currentTexture, currentModel ) -- get the type and index for these clothes, so we can decrease and get the previous in the list
    if ( tempA and tempB ) then -- if we found them
      clothesType, clothesIndex = tempA, tempB
  clothesIndex = clothesIndex - 1
  local texture, model = getClothesByTypeIndex ( clothesType, clothesIndex ) -- get the new texture and model
  if ( texture == false ) then -- if we've reached the end of the list
    removePedClothes ( thePlayer, clothesType )
  else addPedClothes ( thePlayer, texture, model, clothesType )
addCommandHandler ( "previousClothes", scriptPreviousClothes )

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