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Office-calendar.png Historical: This page is retained for historical reference.
Previous car method in action. Notice the lights above the second car.

This method was first used in GTA3:AM and after that in GTA3:MTA 0.1a and 0.2a. It was also used by other competing projects. This method is no longer used.

What is it?

  • You enter a car and exit it again (the car gets stored in memory as your previous car)
  • You enter a second car
  • You hit a key combination on the keyboard.

Now the client syncs your car coordinates with those of the previous car on the other computer and the other players car with your previous car. Therefore you see the other person driving your previously used car.

It is the most basic form of multiplayer. If your previous car does not match the car of the other user then you can see the car make strange moves. Also note that traffic and peds were not synced.