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A/D Aspect it's a Attack/Defend type of game mode, was created for professional clan matches with attention to clean game and playinign with rules.

It's based on BaseMode ( my previous project ), but with coincidence of time almost completely been changed to other gamemode, in comparison with basemode source code differs in more than 90%.

It is very well optimized and programmed for the latest versions of the Multi Theft Auto.


  • expanded configuration panel,
  • restore feature ( with saving position, weapons, vehicles, health etc ) available as /restore command ( only in match mode ),
  • detection modified files in gta3.img ( with the exception of weapons textures and weapons models resembling in size to original models ),
  • kicks for ping, fps and packet loss abousing,
  • info box with important information,
  • match feature ( uniform settings of weapons and vehicles, addition features available only in this mode) available as /startmatch [base/tdm] [rouds] command,
  • client panel ( with client settings and key binds ),
  • globally client statistics saved on clients disk,
  • auto pause feature ( auto pause when player got time out durring match ) available in match mode,
  • map viewer available as /view command,
  • vote for maps available as /vote [base/arena] command.
  • preview of commands usage of players visible on chat ( only in match mode),
  • preview of started resources visible on chat ( only in match mode),
  • detection of fake times outs ( only in match mode),
  • expanded teams, weapons, vehiles, and spawns selectors,
  • expanded spectator,
  • anti helli-kill and car kill available as settings in configuration panel,
  • built-in scripts 'reload' and 'injury',
  • possibility to do screenshot from game to each player on server available as /screen command,
  • report system for reporting issues available as /report
  • call help system default available as H key,
  • and many more minor features,

Official Rules

  • Rules from 31/01/2012
  • Failure to rules threatens ban on gamemode ( applies to individual players and also clans ).


  • 1. To begin the match it is necessary to use the command /startmatch [base/tdm] [rounds]. Otherwise, the match isn't officially valid.
  • 2. Using any type of cheats, bugs, game boosters, mods helping you in gameplay is not allowed.
  • 3. Limits:
    • - minimum fps 25,
    • - maximum packet loss 0.05,
    • - maximum ping:
      • a) globally - 400 ( players from different countries far apart from each other ).
      • b) locally - 150 ( players from the same country or neighbouring countries).
  • 4. Inflating pings / decreasing fps is not allowed.
  • 5. Heli boom - allowed ( the script changes an explosion into the same as car's one ).
  • 6. Exploding grenade which deals damage through a wall, isn't classified as a bug!


A/D ( Bases ):

  • 1. Gameplay variants: 7 rounds ( 6 bases, 1 tdm ), 9 rounds ( 8 bases, 1 tdm ).
  • 2. The bases are chosen automatically by an algorithm which generates a random base. In order for this to occur, just type the command /base.
  • 3. Car rush is allowed on all kind of bases.
  • 4. Only arena 2 is played as tdm.
  • 5. FPS Limit 45.
  • 6. Allowed kind of crouch bug: 'alternative' and 'default'.
  • 7. The team wins through:
  • - Bases:
    • capturing the marker ( Attack ),
    • killing all enemy team ( both ),
    • end of time and base has not been captured ( Defence ),
  • - Arena:
    • killing all enemy team
    • end of time and when:
      • a) they have more people alive than enemy,
      • b) when there is the same number of players, team who has more health point wins the round,
      • c) tie when both of teams have the same number of players and health point.


  • existing rules on Russian League and etc :D

Command list

  • /pm [id] - private message
  • /arena [id] - for starting arenas
  • /base [id] - for starting bases
  • /end - for ending the round
  • /add [id] - for adding the player to round
  • /resetscore - restart all players and teams score
  • /gunmenu [id] - for giving the gunmenu for the player
  • /remove [id] - for removing the player from the round
  • /screen id quaility(0-100) [taq] [width] [height] - for doing screenshot for the player
  • /vote [base/arena] [id/ids] - for start the voting
  • /car [id] - for get the vehicle in main lobby
  • /clean - for restart the rounds history
  • /pause - for pausing/repausing the round
  • /swap - for change the teams sides
  • /tp [id1] [id2] - for teleport the player1 to the player2
  • /heal [id] - for heal the player
  • /healall - for heal all players
  • /startmatch [base/tdm] [rounds] - for starting the match
  • /endmatch - for ending the match
  • /gun - re weapon select
  • /rsp - for re-sync
  • /view - for viewing the maps

Default binds

  • F1 - configuration panel
  • F3 - client panel
  • F4 - re-select team
  • H - call help
  • R - Realod the weapon

To run:

After downloading change the resource name from 'aspect' to 'Aspect'

if you can't change settings in admin panel, save the settings as other confing ( use other confing name )

  • update server and client to 1.3
  • Necessary entries in:
    • acl.xml
      • <object name="resource.Aspect"></object> in <group name="Admin">
    • mtaserver.conf
      • <enablesd>12</enablesd>
      • blank disableac ( <disableac></disableac> )
      • <verifyclientsettings>-1</verifyclientsettings>
      • REMOVE ALL LINES OF "client_file"


Client Panel
Admin Panel
Attack spawn selector
Vehicles selector
Team Selector #Attack
Team Selector #Defense
Example of final results#1
Example of final results#2
Example of final results#3
Starting a base
Starting a match & info box