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The map cycler automatically rotates gamemodes and maps based on a serverside XML listing, end-round map votes, or at random.

Adding gamemode round code

Wherever your gamemode finishes (e.g one team wins, time runs out), add this line:

triggerEvent("onRoundFinished", getResourceRootElement(getThisResource()))

This will notify the cycler that the round has ended.

List mode

Cycler configuration XML

The cycler configuration XML will be placed somewhere in the server directory. For now, this is:


A gamemode cycle is defined as follows:

<cycle type="shuffle">
	<game map="ctf-canals" mode="ctf" rounds="3"/>
	<game map="as-heist" mode="assault" rounds="2"/>
	<game map="i69-laputa" mode="Interstate69" rounds="2"/>
	<game map="sewers" mode="stealth" rounds="2"/>
	<game map="as-sharks" mode="assault" rounds="1"/>

Supported list types are sequential (the default type, will loop the game list sequentially) and shuffle (will loop the list in a random order, without repeating items).

Each game must specify a mode. map is optional (since a gamemode may run without maps), rounds defaults to an infinite number of rounds.


nextmap (outputs the next mode/map)

nextmode (same as previous one)

skipmap (admin only; cycles to the next mode/map)

Vote mode

The vote mode starts a poll to chose between a set of randomly picked modes with a compatible map (or none, for map-less gamemodes) each.


skipmap (admin only; cycles to the next mode/map)

Random mode

The vote mode picks a new mode at random when the rounds finishes.


skipmap (admin only; cycles to the next mode/map)