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This function sets the starting Z rotation for the specified spawnpoint.


bool setSpawnpointRotation ( spawnpoint theSpawnpoint, float rotation )

Required Arguments

  • theSpawnpoint: The spawnpoint element you want to set rotation to.
  • rotation: A float rotation value around the Z axis in degrees.


Returns true if rotation was successfully set, false if invalid arguments were passed.


This example randomizes a spawnpoint's rotation every time a player spawns on it.

-- we define our randomizing function
function randomizeSpawnpointRotation()
	-- we obtain a new value between 0 and 360 (math.random() generates numbers between 0 and 1)
	local newRotation = math.random() * 360
	-- we set it as the new rotation for the source spawnpoint
	call(getResourceFromName("spawnmanager"), "setSpawnpointRotation", source, newRotation )
-- we attach it as a handler for "onSpawnpointUse"
addEventHandler("onSpawnpointUse", getRootElement(), randomizeSpawnpointRotation)