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Webstats provides Interesting and Exciting™ statistics about your game server!

How to use

Webstats is accessible via HTTP only. Just start webstats and visit http://yourserver:port/ and click Statistics in the resource browser's side bar.


Scripts can register your own stats with the resource, just do something like the following:

call(getResourceFromName("webstats"), "registerStat", getThisResource(), "getBlipCount", "Blips", "The number of blips")
function getBlipCount()
	return #getElementsByType("blip");

The syntax for calling registerStat is:

call(getResourceFromName("webstats"), "registerStat", getThisResource(), "yourFunctionName", "Stat name", "Stat description")

The function specified will be called every time the stats are updated (by default once a minute). You should return an number value.

Another example. This example counts the amount of damage done between each call to getDamageCount.

call(getResourceFromName("webstats"), "registerStat", getThisResource(), "getDamageCount", "Damage Given", "The amount of damage players have taken")
damagecount = 0
addEventHandler ( "onPlayerDamage",  getRootElement(), 
	function( attacker, attackerweapon, bodypart, loss )
		damagecount = damagecount + loss

function getDamageCount()
	local ret = damagecount;
	damagecount = 0;
	return ret;