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This function sets the start radius of a searchlight element.


bool setSearchLightStartRadius ( searchlight theSearchlight, float startRadius )

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Method: searchLight:setStartRadius(...)
Variable: .startRadius
Counterpart: getSearchLightStartRadius

Required Arguments

  • theSearchLight: the searchlight to modify the property of.
  • startRadius: the radius of the searchlight's light cone in its beginning.


If every argument is correct, this function returns true. If not, it will return false plus an error message.


This example creates a skywalker light on top of Los Santos' skyscraper and turns it on/off every second by setting it's ending radius and starting radius to 0.

skywalkerLight = createSearchLight (1544, -1353.5, 330, 1528, -1347, 360, 0.2, 3, false)

setTimer (function ()	
	if not off then
		setSearchLightStartRadius (skywalkerLight, 0)
		setSearchLightEndRadius (skywalkerLight, 0)
		off = true
		setSearchLightStartRadius (skywalkerLight, 0.2)
		setSearchLightEndRadius (skywalkerLight, 3)
		off = false
end, 1000, 0)

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