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About player sync

Player key sync is always done on demand. i.e. Player presses W, (or pushes forward on the joystick), and the sync for that is sent straight away to the server, and then to the other clients. There is no setting to limit key sync as it is an essential component to minimize latency. The 'player_sync_interval' below, is the interval between positional and rotational corrections to key sync. This is in case the movement interpreted by the key sync system on remote clients has introduced any errors.

Default values

Name Default (ms) Valid range Description
player_sync_interval 100 50-300 Time between key sync correction updates for players. (Note: Player key sync is always done on demand and is not affected by any setting)
lightweight_sync_interval 1500 150-4000 Time between updates for very far away players
camera_sync_interval 500 100-1000 How often to tell the server of any client side changes to the local players camera position and target.
ped_sync_interval 400 100-1000 Time between updates for non-player peds
unoccupied_vehicle_sync_interval 1000 100-1000 Time between updates for unoccupied vehicles
keysync_mouse_sync_interval 100 50-200 Minimum gap between mouse movement updates being sent to the server
keysync_analog_sync_interval 100 50-200 Minimum gap between joystick partial axes movement updates being sent to the server. (Full axes movement is treated as key sync and is not limited by this setting)

Suggested settings

Bandwith and CPU saver

player_sync_interval 200
lightweight_sync_interval 3000

Bandwith and CPU super saver

player_sync_interval 300
lightweight_sync_interval 4000

Less annoying unoccupied vehicles

unoccupied_vehicle_sync_interval 500

Uber sync (bandwidth and CPU intensive)

player_sync_interval 50
keysync_mouse_sync_interval 50
keysync_analog_sync_interval 50