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Office-calendar.png Historical: This page is retained for historical reference.

MTASA:Race was the first Multi Theft Auto release for Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. Since its release, we've seen thousands of maps and a vast, active community develop and mature. Despite this, for everything there is a time to move on. Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas 1.6, in conjunction with the latest version of the Resource:Race gamemode provides a stable platform for server admins and gamers alike to upgrade to the most powerful GTA Race experience yet.

Why upgrade?

Although it may seem that its safer to stick what works, the release of 1.6 will provide a significant step-up in the multiplayer experience.


With the arrival of MTA:SA 1.6, comes a powerful and flexible Lua scripting interface. This surpasses previous scripting abilities of Race servers in every single way. By utilising the Lua script interface, server admins and players alike can take advantage of features such as:

  • Fully fledged built-in scripting. No more external mIRC clients to run your Admin interface
  • Take full advantage of the Plugins system of Race. By developing Lua plugins, the bounds to extend Race are limitless. Examples that are included in the release package are the Traffic Sensor, which uses HUD to display when cars are behind you, and a Top Times plugin, which displays the person with the best record in a certain race.
  • Extend the possibilities of any map. By attaching a Lua script to your map, you can have virtually anything happen during gameplay. Custom models, moving objects, timed explosives and upside down gravity tracks are all possibilities by taking advantage of scripting.
  • Full customisability. Customisable UI, along with a possibility to add custom pictures, objects, sounds, and vehicle models, specific to your server. Imagine being able to display your server's logo during gameplay on the screen.


The MTA:SA 1.6 platform is much more versatile and therefore makes the gameplay experience superior to MTA:Race. On top of this, the Race gamemode has had hundreds of improvements to make the racing experience much more fun.

  • Have up to 4096 players in your Race server. That's a lot more than 32. You may wonder "How on earth do 4096 people fit on the track?". No problem, the latest Race offers a ghostmode feature so that high player counts are feasable.
  • Support for newest Microsoft Windows operating systems like Windows Vista, Windows 2008, Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1 and Windows 10 in both x86 and x64 flavours. Due to the open-source nature of MTA:SA 1.6, compatiblity is mantained constantly.
  • Much more accurate vehicle synchronisation. When switching to 1.6, the first thing racers will notice is the amazing vehicle synchronisation. It now is incredibly smooth, and synced much more precisely - an essential to any racing game.
  • The Traffic Sensor addon means nearby opponents are displayed on the screen. At last, you can be aware of which way those tailgating opponents are challenging you!
  • The all new open-sourced Map Editor means you can create your race maps with ease.
  • MTA:SA 1.6 provides a single mod for all your online GTA needs.

Server owner's paradise

With the latest Race, server owner's are in control: you are able to customise the Race experience. Become a truly unique server.

  • Improved ingame Admin. MTA:SA 1.6 offers an ingame Admin interface where you can easily point and click to effortlessly moderate a server.
  • Improved stability, performance and bandwidth usage. The 1.6 and Race platform have been tested extremely thoroughly, and this has meant the bar has been raised much higher than the original MTA:Race. Bandwidth has been paid special attention to, and upgrading server owners will reap the benefits of optimized bandwidth usage for their servers.
  • Framelimiter. We've all seen it - that frustrating FPS limit in MTA:Race. The arrival of 1.6 means server owners can set the FPS limit of their particular server.
  • Customisability. As mentioned several times - everything is in your control. Using Lua you can modify and improve the open-source Race experience. The new Plugins system means you can easily add or remove components that extend MTA:Race


If you ever have any issues, we'll be happy to assist you in our forums. The growing amount of scripters for MTA:SA 1.6 has also meant we have a much more alive and vibrant community than previously with MTA:Race.

How do I upgrade

Race players

Upgrading your client to MTA:SA 1.6 is simple. And better yet, you have nothing to lose. MTA:SA 1.6 can be installed alongside your original MTA:Race installation without conflict.

All you have to do is head to the download page and install MTA:SA 1.6.

Server Owners

Server owners can easily upgrade to MTA:SA 1.6. Races are fully compatible after a short upgrade process. Simply install the latest server package, and use our batch converter to convert your maps into MTA:SA 1.6 resource format. From then on, your converted maps work with the race gamemode and can be managed through the map manager and the vote manager.