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ID 是一组标识。它是整数类型的常量引用表示 San Andreas 中的许多内置对象。

游戏使用的ID元素: 注意: 不包含小部分特殊功能相关的 ID 列表或MTA创建的 ID。



GTASA IDs (vehicles, weapons, weathers, characters, colors): http://info.vces.net/ (Special thanks to Brophy and Ratt for making these lists)

Credit for information contained in the pages
Ransom (initial creation, formatting, and all lists not credited to others)
eAi (vehicle colors list)
erorr404/Talidan/Brophy (sound list)
Talidan (radar blip pictures/vehicle list)
Hellfish (skin pictures SOURCE)
Brophy/Ratt/Panther/Twig (lots of inital ID data)
GTAForums (Allowing Ransom to find IDs for lists)