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*[[Interior IDs]]
*[[Interior IDs]]
*[[Material IDs]]
*[[Material IDs]]
*[[Radar Blips]]
*[[Radar Blips]]

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ID stands for identification. It is a whole-number integer that refers to many mechanics of San Andreas.

Game elements using IDs: Note: does not include small ID lists related to specific functions or IDs created by MTA

See Also


GTASA IDs (vehicles, weapons, weathers, characters, colors): http://info.vces.net/ (Special thanks to Brophy and Ratt for making these lists)

Credit for information contained in the pages
Ransom (initial creation, formatting, and all lists not credited to others)
eAi (vehicle colors list)
erorr404/Talidan/Brophy (sound list)
Talidan (radar blip pictures/vehicle list)
Hellfish (skin pictures SOURCE)
Brophy/Ratt/Panther/Twig (lots of inital ID data)
GTAForums (Allowing Ransom to find IDs for lists)