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This event is triggered when the player or a vehicle hits a colshape.


element hitElement, bool matchingDimension
  • hitElement: the element that entered the colshape.
  • matchingDimension: a boolean referring to whether the hit collision shape was in the same dimension as the element.


The source of this event is the colshape that got hit by a player or vehicle.


This example creates a hill area for a King of the hill gamemode. When a player enters or leaves the area, it's announced in the chatbox.

-- create our hill area for our gamemode
local hillArea = createColSquare ( -2171.0678710938, 678.17950439453, 0, 15, 15 )

-- add hill_Enter as a handler for when a player enters the hill area
function hill_Enter ( thePlayer, matchingDimension )
        local nameOfThePlayer = getClientName(thePlayer)
	--announce to everyone that the player entered the hill
	outputChatBox( nameOfThePlayer.." entered the zone!", getRootElement(),255, 255, 109 )
addEventHandler ( "onColShapeHit", hillArea, hill_Enter )

-- add hill_Enter as a handler for when a player leaves the hill area
function hill_Exit ( thePlayer, matchingDimension )
	--check if the player is not dead
	if isPlayerDead ( thePlayer ) ~= true then
		--if he was alive, announce to everyone that the player has left the hill
		outputChatBox ( nameOfThePlayer.." left the zone!", getRootElement(), 255, 255, 109 )
addEventHandler ( "onColShapeLeave", hillArea, hill_Exit )

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