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  • ...ches possible by providing spawn locations and pickups to help them during the track. ...s section, we're going over the steps how to implement part of the capture-the-flag's system, but this same method can be used for many different things.
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  • This function sets the current GTA time to the given time. *'''hour''': The hour of the new time (range 0-23).
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  • This is a list of GTA:SA's vehicle ID numbers, as listed in the vehicles.ide file. These vehicle ID numbers are used for several vehicle sc ====Lua table of all the valid vehicle IDs listed on this page====
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  • Creates an object in the GTA world. *'''modelid:''' a whole integer specifying the GTASA object model ID.
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  • This function creates a pickup element, which is placed in the GTA world and can be picked up to retrieve a health, armour or a weapon. * '''x''': A floating point number representing the X coordinate on the map.
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  • This page outlines some of the places Grand Theft Auto San Andreas can be bought digitally and played with |Specialized Steam version of the game. MTA installer will downgrade this for you.
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  • This function is used to get the element a [[player]] is currently targeting. *'''thePlayer:''' The [[player]] whose target you want to retrieve.
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  • Enables or disables the use of a GTA control for a specific player. ...ons fire, remember to also disable the control '''action''' in addition to the control '''fire'''.}}
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  • Enables or disables the use of all GTA controls for a specified player. *'''thePlayer:''' The player you wish to toggle the control ability of.
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  • ...particular control. Controls are those that affect GTA. If you wish to get the state of another key, use [[bindKey]] and a command function. ...ccuracy (and also increased bandwidth usage) use bindKey instead to bind a GTA control name to a function.
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  • ...s key arguments by the console commands ''bind'' and ''unbind'' as well as the script functions [[bindKey]], [[unbindKey]] etc. Lua table of all the valid control names listed on this page:
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  • *'''totalAmmo''': an [[int]] representing the total ammo the victim had when they died. ...ller''': an [[element]] representing the [[player]] or [[vehicle]] who was the killer. If there was no killer this is ''false''.
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  • ...ction returns three floats containing the velocity (movement speeds) along the X, Y, and Z axis respectively. This means that velocity values can be posit *'''theElement''': The [[element]] you wish to retrieve the velocity of.
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  • .... The wanted level is indicated by the amount of stars a player has on the GTA HUD. *'''thePlayer:''' The player whose wanted level you wish to get
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  • .... The wanted level is indicated by the amount of stars a player has on the GTA HUD. *'''thePlayer:''' The player whose wanted level is to be set
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  • {{Important Note|Before you check the known issues make sure everything is [[Up-to-date]].}} ...oblems we are encountering now, that might be also encountered by users in the final release. You are also welcome to edit them grammar/style wise.
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  • ...heft Auto: San Andreas, first make sure that there are no modifications to GTA:SA installed. These will conflict with MTA. If you would like to keep your ...g the game in single player. Note that if you are running single player on the absolute minimum requirements, you will experience slowdowns in MTA as it t
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  • Skins that the player may use (pedestrian skins). ...ID's. This allows servers to apply skin mods to these new ID's. These are the new 236 ID's you can use for new skins:
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  • ...interiors. When you change the interior a player is in, they can only see the non-player elements in that interior. Players can see each other in whateve ...255 interiors, interior 0 being the first one and referring to the normal GTA world.
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  • The vehicle class represents vehicles in the GTA world. Vehicles can be occupied and controlled by players. The element type of this class is '''"vehicle"'''.
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