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[[tr:GTA:SA Nerden Alınır]]
[[tr:GTA:SA Nerden Alınır]]
[[ro:Where to buy GTASA]]

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This page outlines some of the places Grand Theft Auto San Andreas can be bought digitally and played with MTASA (sometimes with an automatic downgrade step). Not all of these have been tested, but all should work correctly. If not, please contact support.

All disc (DVD) versions of Windows GTASA are known to function fine. If you are planning on buying a DVD of GTASA, you should try to obtain a "Standard" version rather than "Second Edition" or "Greatest Hits" editions, though all will work fine.

Retailer Notes Verified to work with MTA: SA?
Steam Specialized Steam version of the game. MTA installer will downgrade this for you. Yes
Amazon For the Standard edition of the game, if MTA is incompatible, try obtaining a GTA SA 1.00 No CD - any HOODLUM release will function correctly. Unconfirmed (Standard)
Steam version and disc copies of GTASA will function fine Yes (Steam/Boxed DVD)
GamersGate This is the Steam version of the game, and will function similarly. Yes
Game UK
GameFly Digital
Windows App Store This is a mobile version of the game ported to PC. Will never work with MTA. No