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Note: It is strongly recommended that you use the standard module.key naming for your keys, as shown in the example below. This prevents collisions between different scripts.

This function retrieves a string that has been stored using setAccountData. Data stored as account data is persistent across user's sessions and maps, unless they are logged into a guest account.


string getAccountData ( account theAccount, string key )

Required Arguments

  • theAccount: الحساب الذي يرغب في استرداد البيانات منه.
  • key: المفتاح الذي بموجبه يتم تخزين البيانات


.بإرجاع سلسلة تحتوي على البيانات المخزنة أو خاطئة إذا تم تخزين أية بيانات تحت هذا المفتاح


For a pirate roleplaying gametype, the amount of money a player has is made persistent by storing it in his account. Note the code uses "" as key instead of just "money", as the player may be participating in other gametypes that also save his money amount to his account. If both gametypes would use "money" as the account key, they'd overwrite each other's data.

function onPlayerQuit()
      local playerAccount = getPlayerAccount(source) -- الحصول على حسابه
      if (playerAccount) then -- if we got the account then
            local playerMoney = getPlayerMoney(source) -- يحصل على مبلغ من المال
            setAccountData(playerAccount, "", playerMoney) -- تخزين له مبلغ من المال الحالي في بيانات حسابه
addEventHandler("onPlayerQuit", getRootElement(), onPlayerQuit) -- إضافة معالج أحداث

function onPlayerLogin()
      -- when a player logins, retrieve his money amount from his account data and set it
      local playerAccount = getPlayerAccount(source) -- get his account
      if (playerAccount) then -- if we got the account then
            local playerMoney = getAccountData(playerAccount, "") -- الحصول تم تخزين كمية من المال في حسابهdata
            -- تأكد من وجود في الواقع قيمة المحفوظة تحت هذا المفتاح (معرفة ما اذا كان لاعب المال ليس كاذبة)ا.
            -- هذه الإرادة على سبيل المثال لا يكون الأمر كذلك عندما لاعب يلعب نوع اللعبة للمرة الأولى.
            if (playerMoney) then
                  setPlayerMoney(source, playerMoney)
addEventHandler("onPlayerLogin", getRootElement(), onPlayerLogin) -- add an event handler

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