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[[{{{image}}}|link=|]] Important Note: You MUST use the standard module.key naming for your keys, as shown in the example below. This prevents collisions between different scripts.

此函数用于检索使用setAccountData存储的字符串. Data stored as account data is persistent across user's sessions and maps, unless they are logged into a guest account.


string getAccountData ( account theAccount, string key )

OOP 语法 什么是OOP?

方法: account:getData(...)
对称函数: setAccountData


  • theAccount: 要从中检索数据的帐户.
  • key: 存储数据的密钥(key)




For a pirate roleplaying gametype, the amount of money a player has is made persistent by storing it in his account. Note the code uses "piraterpg.money" as key instead of just "money", as the player may be participating in other gametypes that also save his money amount to his account. If both gametypes would use "money" as the account key, they'd overwrite each other's data.

function onPlayerQuit()
      local playerAccount = getPlayerAccount(source) -- 获取他的账户
      if (playerAccount) then -- 如果确认账户存在
            local playerMoney = getPlayerMoney(source) -- 获取他的金钱
            setAccountData(playerAccount, "piraterpg.money", playerMoney) -- 把他现在的钱存到他的账户里
addEventHandler("onPlayerQuit", root, onPlayerQuit) -- 添加事件处理程序

function onPlayerLogin(_,account)
    local playerMoney = getAccountData(account, "piraterpg.money") -- get the money amount was store in his account data
    -- make sure there was actually a value saved under this key (check if playerMoney is not false).
    -- this will for example not be the case when a player plays the gametype for the first time
    if (playerMoney) then
        setPlayerMoney(source, playerMoney)
addEventHandler("onPlayerLogin", root, onPlayerLogin) -- 添加事件处理程序

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