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This function logs the given player out of his current account.


bool logOut ( player thePlayer )

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Method: player:logOut(...)

Required Arguments

  • thePlayer: The player to log out of his current account


Returns true if the player was successfully logged out, false or nil if it failed for some reason, ie. the player was never logged in.


This example logs every player out of their account when the resource is (re)started. This would be handy for resources that show a login screen onClientResourceStart.

function logoutAll ()
	local players = getElementsByType ( "player" ) -- Get every player
		for k, player in ipairs ( players ) do -- For every player do the following...
			account = getPlayerAccount ( player ) -- Get every player's account
				if ( not isGuestAccount ( account ) ) then -- For every player that's logged in....
					logOut ( player ) -- Log them out.
 -- Trigger it when the resource (re)starts
addEventHandler ( "onResourceStart", getResourceRootElement(), logoutAll )

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