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This function returns the player element that is currently using a specified account, i.e. is logged into it. Only one player can use an account at a time.


player getAccountPlayer ( account theAccount )

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Method: account:getPlayer(...)
Variable: .player

Required Arguments


Returns a player element if the account is currently in use, false otherwise.


This example checks if the user attached to an account is a player, and if so if they're alive.

function isAccountUserAlive ( theAccount )
    local thePlayer = getAccountPlayer ( theAccount )       -- get the client attached to the account
    if ( getElementType ( thePlayer ) == "player" ) then    -- see if it really is a player (rather than a console admin for example)
        return not isPedDead(thePlayer)             -- if the player's health is greater than 0 
    return false

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