Damage Types

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The following damage types are used by events like onPlayerDamage or onPlayerWasted for the weapon argument to describe the reason, why a ped has been damaged or died.
When a player was shot by a weapon, the respective weapon ID is the damage type ID. The weapon IDs can be found here.

ID Damage type Additional info
19 Rocket Actual damage type when damaged from a rocket launcher
37 Burnt This is used by a damage by fire, even when the fire is created by a rocket explosion or a molotov
49 Rammed
50 Ranover This is also called when damaged because of helicopter blades
51 Explosion This may sometimes also be used at an indirect damage through an exploding rocket
52 Driveby This is NOT used for a driveby kill with e.g. the 'realdriveby' resource
53 Drowned
54 Fall
55 Unknown No known information about this damage type
56 Melee Seems to be never called (?); for an actual melee damage, the fist weapon ID (0) is used (see here)
57 Weapon Seems to be never called (?)
59 Tank Grenade
63 Blown Actual damage type when dying in a vehicle explosion

Damage types in Lua table:

local damageTypes = {
	[19] = "Rocket",
	[37] = "Burnt",
	[49] = "Rammed",
	[50] = "Ranover/Helicopter Blades",
	[51] = "Explosion",
	[52] = "Driveby",
	[53] = "Drowned",
	[54] = "Fall",
	[55] = "Unknown",
	[56] = "Melee",
	[57] = "Weapon",
	[59] = "Tank Grenade",
	[63] = "Blown"