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This function is used to retrieve a resource from its name. A resource's name is the same as its folder or file archive name on the server (without the extension).


resource getResourceFromName ( string resourceName )

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Note: This function is a static function underneath the Resource class. OOP function available client side
Method: Resource.getFromName(...)

Required Arguments

  • resourceName: the name of the resource you wish to get.


Returns the resource with the specified name, or false if no resource of that name exists.


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This example prints out a message to the chatbox when a resource named playerblips is started.

function onStart( theResource )
     local blipsResource = getResourceFromName ( "playerblips" ) -- get the resource of name "playerblips"
     if ( blipsResource and theResource == blipsResource ) then -- check if the resource started was it
          outputChatBox ( "Blips resource started!" )
addEventHandler ( "onResourceStart", getRootElement(), onStart )

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