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This function checks to see if an account is a guest account. A guest account is an account automatically created for a user when they join the server and deleted when they quit or login to another account. Data stored in a guest account is not stored after the player has left the server. As a consequence, this function will check if a player is logged in or not.


bool isGuestAccount ( account theAccount )

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Method: account:isGuest(...)
Variable: .guest

Required Arguments

  • theAccount: The account you want to check to see if it is a guest account.


Returns true if the account is a guest account, false otherwise.


This example shows how you could create a call_admin function that only could be run by registered users.

function callAdmin ( playerSource )
    -- get the account of the user trying to use this function first
    sourceAccount = getPlayerAccount ( playerSource )
    -- if they're a guest
    if isGuestAccount ( sourceAccount ) then
        -- tell them to register
        outputConsole ( "Please register to use this function!", playerSource )
        -- your code to call the admin would go here
-- attach the function 'callAdmin' as a handler to the command "call_admin"
addCommandHandler ( "call_admin", callAdmin )

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