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This functions logs the given player in to the given account. You need to provide the password needed to log into that account.


bool logIn ( player thePlayer, account theAccount, string thePassword )

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Method: player:logIn(...)
Counterpart: logOut

Required Arguments

  • thePlayer: The player to log into an account
  • theAccount: The account to log the player into
  • thePassword: The password needed to sign into this account


Returns true if the player was successfully logged into the given account. Returns false or nil if the log in failed for some reason, ie. the player was already logged in to some account (use logOut first), if the account was already in use or if it failed for some other reason.


function loginPlayer ( thePlayer, command, username, password )
	local account = getAccount ( username, password ) -- Return the account
		if ( account ~= false ) then -- If the account exists.
			logIn ( thePlayer, account, password ) -- Log them in.
			outputChatBox ( "Wrong username or password!", thePlayer, 255, 255, 0 ) -- Output they got the details wrong.
addCommandHandler ( "log-in", loginPlayer ) -- Make it trigger for "/log-in", NOTE: /login is hardcored and cannot be used.

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