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This function returns whether the runtime can still read data from the file/stream. This is an implementation defined state that should return false if no data can be immediately received using read operations. Asynchronous file/stream objects could use this function to return true when new data is available to receive from the socket. If wanting to read an entire file/stream object, this function is more reliable than the file.size approach.


boolean file.eof ()


Returns true if data is available to be read from the file/stream object. Return false if data is not immediately available to receive from it.


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This snippet is guaranteed to read an entire file/stream object.

local fileGetContentSafe( theFile )
    -- Allocate a string buffer where all information is saved in.
    local buffer = "";

    -- Read from the stream until it cannot anymore.
    while not ( theFile.eof() ) do
        buffer = buffer .. 1024 );

    -- At this point, some implementations could wait for data.
    -- Implementations are advised to use blocking I/O, implement additional Lua functions or throw exceptions.

    -- Clean up the file/stream handle and return the result buffer.
    return buffer;

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