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This function attempts to read a short (native type) from a file and returns it. The amount of bytes read should be two.


short file.readShort ()


Returns the short integer if it was successfully read from the file, false otherwise.


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This snippet reads and writes string buffers into a custom file format.

local function writeBuffers( outFile, buffers )
    -- Write header information.
    outFile.writeInt( #buffers ); -- number of buffers
    -- Write the buffers.
    for m,n in ipairs( buffers ) do
        local bufferContent = tostring( n );

        -- Write header of buffer.
        outFile.writeShort( #bufferContent ); -- length of buffer

        -- Write the content
        outFile.write( bufferContent );

local function readBuffers( inFile )
    local buffers = {};

    -- Read header information.
    local numBuffers = inFile.readInt();

    -- Make sure we read the int correctly.
    -- Fails if the file has less than 4 bytes to read.
    if ( numBuffers ) then
        local n = 1;

        while ( n <= numBuffers ) do
            -- Read buffer header.
            local bufferSize = inFile.readShort();

            -- We always have to add the amount of buffers specified by the header.
            -- Hence we always add a buffer to the result array.
            local buffer = "";

            if ( bufferSize ) then
                -- Read the buffer.
                buffer = bufferSize );

            -- Append the result buffer.
            buffers[n] = buffer;

            n = n + 1;

    return buffers;

-- Manager some buffers in a file.
local myBuffers = { "Hello World!", "Cooking eggs on a frying pan", "The American Pizzas taste awesome", "There is no bathroom." };

local theFile = fileCreate( "buffers.dat" );

-- First write the buffers into the file.
writeBuffers( theFile, myBuffers );

-- Now retrieve them again. 0, "set" );

myBuffers = readBuffers( theFile );

-- Output the buffers.
for m,n in ipairs( myBuffers ) do
    outputChatBox( n );

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